Sandra creates symbolic and tactile sculptures which act as

vessels for illustrating the invisible character of Multiple Sclerosis,

a chronic condition affecting the nervous system. She works mainly

in concrete and plastic to express physical and emotional symptoms

and sensations relating to MS.

The sense of touch plays a pivotal role in her sculptural work as it

seems to have a particularly balancing effect on the brain for her.

Sandra is further looking at the core fabric and the originating

environment of the disease – the complex mesh of nerve fibres

that connect nerve cells to enable our brain to function. This also

links back to her passion for drawing. Occasionally, she explores

video animation to transmit her thoughts and concerns.

Sandra is a strong believer in the concept of cognitive reserve (train

the brain and build up resilience) and that it can be enhanced through

creative and artistic activity. During her years of study and practice

she managed her own symptoms along the way. Her varied creative

work undeniably helped her to relieve the impact of the MS related

changes in the brain. This approach to cognitive wellbeing,

she stresses, has the potential to help and be applied to a wider

audience which also becomes apparent in the increase of the

use of Art Therapy as a complimentary form of treatment.

Her work highlights the therapeutic yet often straining effects

of using practice alongside living with the illness - a conflict

centering around dependence and expression.

Sandra seeks to raise awareness of such invisible

iillnesses by creating a conversation through her work.

December 2019