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Sandra created her brand hapticles® in 2020. She designs science-based haptic concrete sculptures that shall enable us to regain focus, calm or provide something pleasant to visually explore. The sculptures also come as what Sandra refers to as 'mini sculptures' - jewellery in concrete or metal. She was initially inspired by autoimmune responses - inflammatory processes in the body, tissue decline and rebuild.

Over the last three years she endeavoured to back her own positive experiences with scientific data. She realised the great potential of the fulfilling impact that tactile creation can have on mental and physical wellbeing through triggering positive emotions.

Sandra is now constantly expanding her range and versatility. She applies her findings to her work in a targeted way to reach a wider audience and share her knowledge. Sandra hopes to be able to help other people to improve their wellbeing through sharing her approach to a mindful appreciation of space, shape and texture.

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