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Initially, I aimed to literally paint a picture about Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I found the approach of capturing my initial thinking processes via drawing worked well. Additionally, kept a diary over 8 months in order to collect, summarise and express the experiences of living with the illness. I realized that I would have to find a way to distance myself emotionally from the topic. Otherwise, I worried, dealing with it so intensely could be overwhelming and having the opposite effect rather than processing all the images I have.

Many of my drawings became preparatory work for my animations which have been part of my work for the last 5 years. Eventually, I realized that drawing alone isn't a sufficient way to say everything I want to say. This is when I turn to combine the drawings in animated collages. Vice versa, when I feel that the animation needs more drawn information, I will add drawn thoughts to it.

After all, I was hoping to not only ‘paint that picture’ for myself but for people who are indirectly affected bs MS through family members or friends suffering from it. The invisible and unpredictable character causes a huge amount of uncertainty in the patients. It must be very difficult for the people around us to adapt adequately in daily life.

Inspired by the nervous system:

How I envisage the events in my brain living with MS

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