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My new body of work centers around the beneficial effects of tactile stimulation on our wellbeing. I am picking up on this concept which is ingrained in our fabric since the very beginning and I use concrete to make it explicitly accessible through my intuitive forms. In combination with drawing and the dynamic of moving images, this helps me to communicate my intentions.

Looking at my work from a more distant perspective, the different routes that I pursue can seem a bit indecisive. Only it’s all pivoting around one issue: the positive impact of art making on health and wellbeing. On the one hand, I deal with my own health problems, living with Multiple Sclerosis, on the other hand I explore ways to stabilise my condition and relieve symptoms through artistic techniques that are mainly inspired by the stimulation of the tactile sense and repetitive processes.

The narrative is in an animated collage clip, the resolve is in my tactile forms and spinning wall pieces.

Degree and MA work 2019/21






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