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With the second strand of my work I explore ways to stabilise my condition and relieve symptoms through artistic techniques that are mainly inspired by the stimulation of the tactile sense and repetitive processes. I intend to continue this approach and I hope to reach a wider audience with the tactile objects that are as well as my drawings and animations inspired by the structures of the nervous system, cognitive processes and the tactile sense in particular.

Besides modelling forms directly in concrete, I offer a simple relaxation exercise in form of the intuitive exploration of clay and use the transitional objects that are being made by the participants. These initial clay models carry the personal imprints not only of their hands and fingers but also of their emotional constitution at the time of making. These pieces act as the material for my concrete models and casts. I capture those tactile memories and yet, using concrete, I can produce new individual pieces.

The stimulation of the sense of touch in combination with repetitive circular hand movements adds another dimension to my objects. As well as the small-scale hand shapes, my spinner disk wall pieces can act as a fidgeting tool. These individual wall pieces can be installed on their own or in combination with other discs. They become enriched with the benefit of being soothing and touchable pieces of wall art.

I gave my MS a form to make the invisible more accessible.


Process and results of the intuitive clay modelling:

Small forms in large vessel


How it all began – play with mud "tutorial"

Spinner discs

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