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There is probably hardly anyone I know who isn't aware yet of the incomprehensibly gigantic scale of plastic pollution in the oceans and the consequences for wild life and humans for years to come. But, if it wasn’t enough for plastic waste to be a threat plainly for its quantities, plastic also releases hazardous substances into the oceans and the atmosphere or into our food or cosmetics via the packaging. Research presents us with details about how the chemicals in plastics are believed to cause hormonal imbalances and disruption and therefore hit us at the very core. The sturdy and enduring material might take between 20 and 600 years to decompose. The plastic over time breaks down into smaller and smaller particles and gets into the systems of sea creatures or the larger plastic pieces endanger the wildlife e.g., through starvation, gut obstruction, choking and entanglement.

in October 2018 I started cutting every empty water PET bottle into ribbons which really made a difference in our bin to begin with. I wanted to process and recycle some of my own plastc waste. I would have to make a habit out of ribboning the bottles because if I didn’t, we’d be left with a voluminous mound of bottles taking over my tiny ‘studio space’ in no time. I started to knit with my transparent thread(t) and found it hard to stop. Partly because I was immensely enjoying the process and satisfying progress but also, because the ‘yarn’ kept coming as the plastic wouldn’t run out. Also, my thoughts would wander... The top and bottom parts of the bottles that remain I use to reinforce (hide within) my concrete objects. It's a non-corrosive, long lasting material after all.

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